Nomad Birmingham Closes & takes on a New Identity


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I’ve waxed lyrical a few times on the blog about Nomad in Birmingham. Well since setting up it’s permanent home in the city centre there’s been a bit of a setback, and thus will soon be closing and taking on a new identity as The Wilderness. 

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Let’s let the owner, Alex Claridge, tell you more:

 “Within weeks of successfully opening our permanent venue, the Michelin-starred NoMad hotel in New York contacted us and asked that we change our name. Not having the money, time nor appetite for solicitors, we took the difficult decision to close Nomad – come mid-May we’re done, that chapter closes. Heart-wrenching, really.”

Building work is under way to transform and expand the premises in Dudley Street, close to the markets and they are re-opening at their permanent location in Birmingham city centre as The Wilderness with a newly fitted dining room, expanded kitchen team and new bar…

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