Have an egg-cellent day out at The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham this Easter

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I first went to the National Sea Life Centre in July 1996 just after my 20th Birthday and It was great to explore Birmingham’s newest attraction. Now twenty years later the National Sea Life Centre is just as exciting to take kids and over grown kids like me.

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Easter fun at National Sea Life Centre

Families looking for the ultimate fun day trip out this Easter should look no further than The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham.

Visitors are invited to delve into the underwater marine world and come up close to some of the most fascinating creatures as the attraction celebrates its 20th anniversary! Go on an aquatic adventure, meet incredible sea creatures and listen to interesting and captivating talks.

Hollybush Inn
A colony of Gentoo penguins at National Sea Life Centre photo via Roy Kilcullen

Come face-to-face with the cheeky colony of Gentoo penguins in the fantastic Penguin Ice Adventure. These adorable birds are sure to put a smile on visitor’s faces as they waddle about their icy home, jumping in the water (up to 450 times a day!) and reaching speeds of 36kph. They will be hard to miss as their trumpeting call is equivalent to that of a diesel train travelling at 45mph! Multiple viewing platforms, an indoor temperature of a cool eight degrees Celsius and an interactive ice wall ensure visitors have a truly authentic Antarctic experience.

See the incredibly unique Bowmouth Guitar shark which has a distinctive wide thick body, a blunt snout and around 100 rows of teeth, and don’t miss the unique Axolotls, a type of salamander that lives underwater. The Axolotls are a critically endangered species, homed at the underwater attraction as part of the Breed, Rescue, Protect Programme, where they have thrived and even spawned the next generation! These weird and wonderful sea creatures have the incredible ability to regenerate lost body parts, including jaws, spines and even their brain.

Giant Green Sea Turtle 2
Giant Green Sea Turtle

There’s also Molokai, the gorgeous Giant Green Sea Turtle, the mesmerising Sarlacc Jellyfish, an array of Rays, adorable Asian Short Clawed Otters and much more!

For those inquisitive minds, the daily talk sessions from the expert staff are definitely a no brainer, as visitors will be amazed by interesting and unknown facts. If families want to get up close and personal, then the Interactive Rock Pool Experience allows guests to touch the starfish and watch the crabs crawl about in their home.

During the underwater journey, visitors will also be whisked away on an adventurous interactive experience in the 4D Cinema, which is screening 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Axolotls and their young at The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham
Axolotls and their young at The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham

For further information or to pre-book tickets online before your visit please go to sealife.co.uk/birmingham. Reduced prices are available for tickets booked in advance.


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