It’s only the fifth day of our Winter Offer, so there’s still plenty of time to grab yourself a copy or two from Midlands on Film collection, an amazing gift for anyone at Christmas time! Why not start at the rebuilding of Birmingham, to create the city we know and love today?

Regenerating Birmingham offers an insight into the journey taken by Birmingham’s city engineer Herbert Manzoni and his team of architects and builders, and their quest to transform the centre of Birmingham from a bastion of Victorian elegance and civic pride into a thoroughly modern metropolis, through the most ambitious and radical building projects the city had ever experienced.

In the process Manzoni picked up the gauntlet of housing Birmingham’s citizens in homes ‘fit for heroes’ and set about eradicating remnants of the notorious ‘back-to-back’ houses and yards that blighted the life of the city’s poorest.
Regenerating Birmingham also includes…

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