A sneak peek of Birmingham’s new Karaoke Box

Via Lisa for Karaoke Box

‘I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it’

A sneak peek of Birmingham’s newest and plushest karaoke and cocktail bar Karaoke Box, the karaoke cocktail bar like no other, will soon be arriving in Birmingham with the public opening launch on, Saturday 21 November. Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect….

Unlike your ordinary karaoke bar, Karaoke Box has 11 luxurious rooms decorated with three different themes and one exclusive VIP room.


The VIP room transports you to the London Underground, but without the close proximity of commuters, and instead a capacity of up to 20 people.


The Galaxy Room has a futuristic feel with space themed lighting and an ‘out of this world’ atmosphere.


Offering bespoke themed cocktails, like the Lost in Karaoke with Wild Yamazaki, cranberry juice, Angostura bitters and fresh lime.


Alongside the private rooms, there is also a fully fitted bar. The intimate karaoke cocktail and dining experience offered at Karaoke Box is ideal for any celebration.

Guests have a collection of over 15,000 new and old songs to choose from, which can be pre-selected online to create their personalised playlist ahead of the evening.


Each private room offers your own intimate stage to sing amongst friends and family without the pressure of an unwanted audience.

Karaoke Box is ready and waiting for budding karaoke singers across the city. With the big public weekend fast approaching, don’t delay booking your private karaoke experience by calling 0121 643 1458 or visiting facebook.com/karaokeboxbirmingham/