Welcome to Birmingham – The Home of Pretty Odd

Hollie from Pretty Odd Props writes about the business and tips for relocating (back) to Birmingham.

Welcome to Birmingham – The Home of Pretty Odd

Pretty Odd began as an idea to fill a gap in the personal hire market as an option for events and is the ultimate in quirky dining. With an odd taste to satisfy, Pretty Odd are purveyors of fine and unusual objects for hire, as well as caterers of charming personalised menus, whether it be for your vintage tea party, wedding or conference. A labour of love, and backed by The Prince’s Trust based in Digbeth, the team behind the start-up relocated from London to begin the venture, which has so far proved popular with personal and corporate events alike. We have a wonderful treasure trove of items, including vintage china; bell jars; suitcases; decorations; drinks dispensers; and assorted Victorian memorabilia. We specialise in the Pretty and the Odd.


With experience across the television, film and commercial industries in London, when deciding to go it alone, returning to our roots in Birmingham was the obvious choice for our prop hire and catering start-up. Over the past few years, Birmingham has seen a food revival (we are after all the birthplace of the Balti AND Cadbury’s) and has been witness to many independent business openings.

There is also of course, the cheaper business start up and living costs which when compared to London make it seem like the favourable choice. Reconnecting with the area has enabled us to see our beloved city thriving and by joining social media we’ve met many lovely people behind the businesses, all too happy to support each other in the UK’s second city. We have the food, the culture and the skyline… with the added humour and without the hefty London price tag…


We’re glad to be back home and we’d love to share with you our tips for moving back to the city.

These are things that really stood out to us during the relocation process, but the same could be said for life in general! Feel free to apply these to your life if you find yourself back in Britain’s best city after a period of absence…


1. Enjoy the transition!

Things will seem new and different so treat your home city like a tourist. Going away and returning will probably mean you’re a different person now. Embrace it! Do things you may never have done before that now you may love. Say yes to everything, deal with it later. How do you know you can’t do it if you haven’t tried?!

Keep an open mind and embrace the change. Birmingham has changed A LOT while you’ve been gone. Find your place in it. Plus the wit and humour of the Midlands in our experience is like nowhere else. Also, we quite enjoy how much cheaper everything is than London…


2. Embrace your new (old) surroundings and revel in what Birmingham has to offer.

Pretty Odd began with thanks to The Prince’s Trust who operate in the Custard Factory, and we’ve had many meetings in the new library with fantastic views across the skyline including an awesome view of The Cube. We also love The Mailbox for food. We’re often spotted enjoying the culinary delights of others and being encouraged to switch up our own recipes. Also, have you seen New Street Station lately?!


3. Continue to network from your last place.

Don’t forget who you are and what you’ve learned. At Pretty Odd we use our connections from our previous lives in order to help us daily. After all it is our story so far that brought us back to here. Believe us, we’ll be using our countrywide connections to let people know just how good Birmingham is…


4. Join new groups and meet new people.

Find people who know the answers to your questions whether it be friends, colleagues or locals. When we were starting up we used the knowledge of people before us. Maybe you’re not as local as you once were… Moving back means you now have something new to offer from your experiences. Throw yourself into your local community and find those with both similar interests and different ones, you don’t know what other people can offer you, nor what you can offer them in the long run. Meet up with as many local businesses as possible, and always help each other out where you can, it’ll enrich your life both personally and in business. Twitter is a great way of meeting people with similar interests. We quite like #BrumHour


5. Stay positive, and hold the vision.

You moved for a reason. Learn from your past experiences, because nobody else has them. Bring them to the table to shape something unique. You are your own USP remember.

Finally, be proud of where you’re from.

Believe us, we’ll be showing London what Birmingham has to offer.

About the writer

Hollie is a Creative at Pretty Odd Props, now taking bookings for Christmas and the New Year. Find us on social media and on our website http://www.prettyoddprops.co.uk. If you love tea and cake, we look forward to hearing from you!

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