Bodega Birmingham: The Seven Deadly Sins 2/7: Feel the Heat: Wrath

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Dave, the Buffet Slayer

By Dave, The Buffet Slayer

Thanks to Brumderland I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to a series of events with the Bitters N Twisted venues in Birmingham.

The Seven Deadly Sins 2/7: Feel the Heat: Wrath

They are a group of unique bars and pubs each in and around Birmingham with their own distinct personality. Since this is me doing the blogging; I’m starting with the second event which was at Bodega Bar and Cantina at 12 Bennet’s Hill in central Birmingham. (I’ll blog about the first event soon.)

Take a look around Bodega on this virtual tour below:

I love the basement here where our event took place, it’s called Sugarloaf and its a slightly dark secret sort of rectangular space, with funky lights that create long shadows. The seats are fairly low down and so are the tables giving you a more intimate vibe.

We were given…

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