New Street + Andy Street = Quality Street

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After decades of planning and years of construction, Greater Birmingham finally gets to cut the ribbon on it’s shiny new train station. At £750 Million this is no ordinary Hornby train set. There’s a huge arts event; Birmingham Weekender, to mark the opening of New Street and two Rugby World Cup games at Villa Park. I can’t imagine what will be louder, the roar of 60,000 Rugby fans or the tears of the groundsman whose pitch may never recover.

The Gare du Brum is one of the key Gateways into our fair city. The importance of making a good first impression should never be underestimated. Growing up in Greater Birmingham, the station was an ode to seventies tiles and colourful graffiti. Its stairwells and subways the public toilets of the inebriated. We bid adieu to those dark days.

First things first, the name. It remains Birmingham New Street, the retail space within its walls is…

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