New Jersey born singer-songwriter’s song about Birmingham

by Dave Massey

A song about “Birmingham” by Duncan Sheik

“The suns wound down on Birmingham, the day cleared up it’s pretty grand”.

If you were thinking about places to sing about, Birmingham might not top your list. However, New Jersey born singer song writer Duncan Sheik did just that.

Duncan was playing a gig supporting Suzanne Vega at Birmingham Town Hall in the summer of 2010. (Songkick lists this as being Saturday 19th June 2010.) Now five years later the song is a track on his new album Legerdemain.

Legerdemain out 9th October 2015
Legerdemain out 9th October 2015

Duncan told website popmatters “I wrote Birmingham while on tour with Suzanne Vega summer of 2010,” he says. “I was re-reading an Irvine Welsh novel and imagined myself as a petty criminal from Scotland who had headed down south to fleece the the Birmingham natives of their cash in some kind of con game. That’s actually a pretty good analogy for being a musician on tour—especially true if you’re having a good time and getting into trouble.”

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The full album Legerdemain is out 9th October 2015