Move over Metrosexuals, the Vetrosexuals are here!

via Holly at Grand Central Birmingham

Move over Metrosexuals, the Vetrosexuals are here!

A new type of modern day male is on the horizon. They’re called the vetrosexuals and they are the next evolutionary step on from the metrosexual.

A recent study at Nottingham Trent University has coined the phrase to describe a new profile of a super consumer, the modern male aged 25-34.

Much like his predecessor – the metrosexual, the vetrosexual is typically an image and health-conscious man focussed on fashion, grooming and working out at the gym. These guys are far more image and health conscious due to things like Facebook, Twitter and the arrival of the selfie.


Grand Central Birmingham has recently commissioned a Birmingham wide survey through Research Now Group in order to find out more about the shopping habits of the latest male fashionistas.

From over 1000 people surveyed from in and around the city, nearly half (45%) were men and almost all (87%) admitted to spending anything up to £300 per month online and in-store, with 15% of men saying they spend way too much of their money on clothes.

Previous retail studies have also revealed that men and women increasingly have strikingly similar shopping habits to one another. Academics at Nottingham Trent University have argued that this is because society’s perception of masculinity has changed.

The director of independent British menswear brand Steel & Jelly said: “The modern day gentleman is as much focused on making themselves feel good, as they are about looking good. It’s about embracing a sense of individualism through appearances but equally taking care of their health and wellbeing too.”


With the opening of Grand Central Birmingham on Thursday 24th September, vetrosexuals (as well as others) can look forward to the likes of brands such as; Steel & Jelly,  John Lewis , Joules , Footlocker, T M Lewin and Kiehl’s to indulge in the latest fashion trends.

Ashley Innis, Communications and Engagement Manager at Grand Central said: “Increasingly more men aged 25-34 are becoming interested in fashion and their appearance, and are looking out for more male focused brands which are on top of the latest trends.

“Birmingham has a lot to offer men with many exciting new brands coming to the city for the first time through Grand Central when it opens in September.”

The survey also revealed that it’s not just women who are prone to a bit of ‘secret shopping’ hiding their purchases from their nearest and dearest. Nearly two tenths of men surveyed (16%) admitted they would hide new footwear and clothing purchases from their partner, compared with 4% of women who admitted to regularly buying items without telling their partners.

The most commonly given reasons for shopping in secret were financial with many respondents saying they share their income with a partner, so they feel selfish spending it on things only they can enjoy.

But whether you’re male, female, metro, vetro or retro, each of us are prone to a bit of retail self-indulgence and with the emphasis on self-image an inescapable trend in modern day culture, it’s no wonder that the typical consumer is evolving and changing too. With the vast expansion of retail developments hitting the Midlands this year, Birmingham is fully prepared for the latest and greatest shoppers who will be visiting the city.

Incidentally, if you’re not remotely vetro, don’t feel bad. Despite the image conscious masses, 18% of men surveyed admitted their real guilty pleasure is purchasing food treats such as chocolate, cakes and pastries while shopping.

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