When meat-free doesn’t mean boring

Great blog about 1847 by midlandsgourmetgirl

Midlands Gourmet Girl

For #MeatFreeMonday I’ve returned to the vegetarian bistro 1847 Birmingham in the Great Western Arcade for a new lunch review.

1847 Birmingham exterior

A lot has happened since my last visit – chef Alex Claridge has left to host his own creative pop-ups (featuring wood ants!) and the restaurant owners are gradually expanding their veggie empire to other cities including Brighton and Bristol.

A busy Saturday lunchtime, as a pitstop between shopping with a girlfriend, seemed as good a time as any to perk up our tastebuds. Even though it was 2pm when we arrived, the ground floor of the restaurant was full, with many customers taking advantage of the £10 meal and a drink deal.

You will have eaten pretty much everything on this menu, but perhaps not in these combinations and that to me is the beauty of 1847. You think that you know how things will taste then you try them…

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