New survey reveals that meal times are still at the heart of family life for Brummies

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New survey reveals that meal times are still at the heart of family life for Brummies

Today, modern family life is often considered very hectic; however, a new social survey shows how the collective family evening meal is still a well-kept tradition for many people in Birmingham.

In an independent survey of over 1000 adults living in and around Birmingham, meal time remains at the heart of family life with nearly a third (28%) saying they make time for a meal with the family at least twice a week, and over half (58%) saying they do this every day.

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Interestingly over two thirds of people (63%) opt for eating out rather than staying at home for dinner, with 70% agreeing it removes them from the distractions at home and encourages the family to spend quality time with each other.

Claire Walker, accredited family counsellor from Birmingham says how these results show a shift in family behaviours, ‘The survey results reveal an interesting insight into the modern behaviours of families in our city. It’s great to see that people still hold traditional values of spending meal times together as a family, but rather than meals being cooked and prepared at home, people are often choosing to dine out.

“These results aren’t surprising given the busy, hectic lives most people lead. It’s far easier to go out for dinner and remove yourself from the typical distractions at home such as the TV, household chores, work etc.

“In our modern day society, some would say sitting around the dinner table as a family is a thing of the past, however, these results clearly identify that the notion of the ‘family meal’ is still as important as ever for people of Birmingham. There has just been a shift in how we choose to do so.”


As a city, Birmingham caters well to the needs of modern families, providing a wide variety of dining choices, suiting a range of budgets, tastes and cultures. With several exciting developments opening this year, such as Grand Central, Resorts World and the revamped Mailbox, there’s a steady increase in the culinary choices that the city has to offer, making eating out easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

Ashley Innis, communications and engagement manager at Grand Central, is preparing for the launch of a further 20-plus dining outlets as part of the scheme.

“Once Grand Central opens this September, we believe it will provide the perfect place for Birmingham area families to meet up for meal times together,” he says. “There are options like Yaki Nori and Square Pie for those who want a quick bite, and Carluccios, Caffé Concerto and Tapas Revolution for a longer restaurant experience.”

Over two thirds (73%) of people surveyed revealed they wish they could spend more time together with their family, but agreed meal times was a great way to catch up on their days activity and share their experiences with one another.

“Dinner is a great time to relax, recharge our batteries, laugh, tell stories and catch up with one another. If meeting up at a restaurant, rather than staying in at home, is how families prefer to do this, then I’m all for it. As they say – the family that eats together, stays together,” concluded Walker.

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