Birmingham’s Great Businesses: Crofts & Assinder turns 140 years old

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Crofts & Assinder, one of the UK’s premium handle and architectural fittings producers in Birmingham, celebrates its 140th anniversary in 2015

Lombard St 1968
Lombard Street 1968

Set up in 1875 by brothers-in-law George Crofts and Frederick Assinder, the Digbeth-based, family-run business has a long and proud history, and has gone from strength to strength over the past 140 years, making its mark both in the UK and overseas.

Guy Crofts the great-grandson of founder George Crofts and company chairman, says: “My great-grandfather had a clear vision to produce, in his words, ‘what the best-dressed furniture is wearing’, and make sure the business kept its values and craftsmanship at the heart of production.

“I am so proud that 140 years on, we are still making sure that vision is at the forefront of everything we do.”

Just seven years after setting up as brass founders in Lower Essex Street, Crofts & Assinder expanded its premises to Angelina Street in Birmingham – its home for almost 20 years. It was in 1901 that the firm moved to its current home in Lombard Street in Digbeth.

During this time, the business played a key role in the war effort, making metal casings for radio sets that were provided to ships, aircraft and fighting vehicles.

After further expansion, Crofts & Assinder’s products have been used in a host of famous landmark buildings. These include The White House in Washington DC, London’s Ritz hotelthe Waldorf hotel, Parliament House in Buenos Aires, and ships of the Cunard and White Star Line including on the Titanic.

In recent years, the firm has made a significant investment into product design which has resulted in a 40% rise in export sales across Australia, France, Benelux, Germany, China, North America and Russia.

Chief executive, Alex Crofts, the great-great grandson of founder George Crofts, comments: “I am delighted to celebrate the 140th anniversary of Crofts & Assinder. We have come such a long way and we are proud to celebrate our success in the UK.

“Our aspirations for the future are to significantly invest into product design and modern day technology in order to strengthen the business, both in the UK and on an international scale.”

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