The Big Hoot 2015: Owlets set to fly into Birmingham

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Passengers at Birmingham Airport were shocked to see that a cluster of owlets had started to hatch within the airport’s arriv-owls hall, ahead of this summer’s The Big Hoot.


The Big Hoot will see Birmingham’s streets, parks and open spaces come alive with colour as ‘parliaments’ of owls take up perch across the city and its surrounding areas – all part of the visually striking fundraiser for Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Waiting in the wings for The Big Hoot are 88 owl sculptures, but before these large owls land more than 120 owlets which have been lovingly nurtured, designed and created by 114 schools across Birmingham are set to descend on Wednesday 8 July, in the element of the project known as The Little Hoot.

Ruffling feathers a week before their expected due date, the parliament of three owlets were spotted checking out the arrivals board, presumably waiting for some of their other feathered friends, as well as flying around the airport.

The owlets caused a flutter within the airport for a couple of hours, before flying off. Sources close to the project said it was unclear as yet as to where these owlets will land.


Andy Holding, corporate responsibility manager at Birmingham Airport, said: “It was great to see the owlets mix in with other passengers in the terminal recently. Their brightly coloured feathers and interesting designs got everyone guessing ‘hoo’ they were!

“As a proud sponsor and supporter of The Big Hoot, we’re expecting more of our feathered friends to swoop into the airport over the summer and when they do, we’ll be talon everyone!”

A spokesperson from Wild in Art, the organisers behind The Big Hoot, said: “Passengers were all of a flutter when they saw the owlets in the airport’s arrivals hall. The owlets are part of The Little Hoot, which is the education wing of The Big Hoot.

“It’s great to see that the owlets are keen to get their claws into Birmingham and we look forward to seeing them in all their visual finery when they finally take up perch in their selected locations next week.”

Crafted by children from local nursery, primary, secondary and special schools the full wing-span of Birmingham, The Little Hoot is the culmination of a city-wide schools education programme that has seen teachers and young people from 114 schools get involved in creative projects that link to both the curriculum and the nationally recognised Arts Award.

The Little Hoot education programme has been supported by official Education Partner, The Schools of King Edward VI.

The Little Hoot owlets will be displayed at 18 venues across the city for 10 weeks before being returned to the schools to keep as a permanent memento of their contribution to The Big Hoot.

The 18 sites include parks, museums, shopping destinations and museums, with eight owlets on display at Birmingham Airport.

The Big Hoot will officially launch in Birmingham from Monday 20 July.

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You can follow The Big Hoot on Twitter @thebighoot2015 and use the hashtag #TheBigHoot2015.

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