Work Experience at Birmingham Hippodrome

Great reading Shania’s first hand experience of work experience at Birmingham Hippodrome

The Official Birmingham Hippodrome Blog

Here at Birmingham Hippodrome we offer one week placements to young people who want a taster of what working in a big theatre is like. Our work experience placements are designed to give young people an idea of what happens during the day-to-day life of a presenting theatre, exploring the range of work that goes on behind the scenes. We recently welcomed 15 year old Shania Shaffi from Phoenix Collegiate School. This placement in particular was slightly different as Shania is visually impaired, so staff adapted work experience tasks to suit Shania’s needs. Here’s Shania’s own account of how her placement here at Birmingham Hippodrome went.

“I first arrived at the theatre on Monday with my support teacher Miss Dowling; we started off our day with a tour of the Hippodrome guided by Administration Assistant Grace Morgan who looks after work experience students. Grace showed us all around the building…

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