Great Digital Businesses: Laundrapp review

Product review by Dave Massey @brumhour

App tech with great personal customer service 

I’d seen Laundrapp promoted on a couple of Birmingham social media sites, but I’d never really considered having my washing collected and delivered. I’ve got a pretty reasonable washing machine at home. I was invited to test out the service by Kirsty from Laundrapp and so I had a think about what I could test.

Normally if I turn up for a meeting or event in Birmingham, I’m either in my tatty grey Abercrombie zip hoodie with blue jeans or a mismatched black suit. I feel overdressed in my suit, and underdressed in jeans and a hoodie. Sometimes, if you are lucky, I’ll attempt jeans with my suit jacket. I’LL GET MY SUIT dry cleaned!!

Laundrapp is available on Android and Iphone

Placing my dry cleaning order

So I downloaded the app on Android and added my address and personal details. I was at my home address at this point and knew that I would be house sitting near Sutton Coldfield (Erdington) during the week, so I hoped be able to arrange collection and delivery from there.

I added my suit as one item rather than a jacket and trousers, and I’d been given a discount code from Laundrapp to use. This was at 4pm on a Monday, I was pretty surprised to see there was a slot from 9pm-10pm available THAT NIGHT for collection. I placed my order and updated my address for where I’m housesitting.

Laundrapp logo
Laundrapp logo


At 9.10pm the loud knock I’d requested happened, and a lovely lady in a Laundrapp shirt appeared to collect my suit jacket and trousers. They were from a trusted affiliate business based on the edge of Birmingham city centre. This gave me even more confidence that my clothes would be well looked after.

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The Delivery

Two days later at the time slot I’d picked (again between 9 and 10pm) the same lady retuned with my suit. It was hung very neatly on a hanger with strips of card to avoid damage, and a laundrapp cover protective plastic sheet.

suit laundrapp
My Suit returned 48 hours later as I’d booked!

The Result

The poster paint marks were gone from my jacket and the chalk marks gone from my trousers! Which I was VERY, VERY pleased with. Having a human voice for a customer service app is very important and it’s great that there’s a section on the order you can make notes in. You know that it will be read by the person washing or dry cleaning your clothes.

The cost of me taking the suit to a dry cleaners and then having it collected would be more than using this service but there is a £15 minimum order to consider. It saved me the hassle of dragging my suit on a hanger into the city on public transport.

I’ll be using Laundrapp in the future and hope you will give it a try too. Laundrapp is currently available in London, Edinburgh and here in Birmingham & Solihull.

Visit for more details or contact them on twitter: @laundrapp

Find Laundrapp on Google play here:

At Apple IOS Store here:

I was invited to try this service by Laundrapp, My suit was dry cleaned for free in exchange for me downloading the app and placing an order using a discount code.