Sponsored Post: West Midlands House Sitting Services

by Dave Massey @brumhour

Available From Saturday 23rd May 2015

Imagine having the satisfaction of knowing that, whilst you are away from home, your property is being cared for 24-7.  This will allow you to enjoy your break away without any added concerns about your home.

As a man in his VERY late thirties, who is living back at his parents, I have been looking after other people’s properties, while they are away, for over five years.

West Midlands House Sitting Services
West Midlands House Sitting Services

From Saturday 23rd May 2015, which is Summer Half Term, I’ll be fully insured and available to house-sit in Birmingham and around the West Midlands as a live in house sitter.  Alternatively, arrangements can be made to visit on a regular basis while you are away to water your plants, check post, and with prior arrangement, feed cats or dogs.

Prior to the time of the house sitting I can either come and meet you in person, or Skype video call to talk about any particulars.

Prices for a live-in service start at £30.00 per day plus £2.50 per day per cat, and £3.50 per day per dog. To book me as your very own professional house sitter just email: housesittingwestmids@gmail.com


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