Guest Blogging on BrumHour’s Blog: 5 things you need to know

by Dave Massey Updated 14th March 2016

How to guest blog here on #BrumHour

#BrumHour is all about different voices being heard That also means that guest bloggers are very welcome to provide content right here on the BrumHour blog.

BrumHour Logo inspired by Library of Birmingham
BrumHour Logo inspired by Library of Birmingham

Here’s the submission rules:

1. Pitch an idea.

Want to write about a new venue or business opening? A brand new public space or exhibition? BrumHour loves to share about things happening in and around the Birmingham region.

Please note that NO payment is offered or given for writing the articles, and any sponsored or paid for articles must be clearly marked.

Please email to pitch your idea for content.

20150918_190558-01 (1)
Adding photos to content really helps the audience visualise the points being made.

2. Create content.

Write at least 400 words and choose at least two images you have permission to use.

Write about a new charity initiative, a festival, a new local novel, your friend who has a new business and what makes them unique, a family day out somewhere or photography or arts. Those are just examples from the top of my head so I’m sure you have many more.

3. Keep it snappy.

I don’t intend to amend or rewrite your content, unless it is to add my own introduction, as it needs to sound like your own authentic voice. I’ll just check it for potential links, spelling errors may remain so please ensure someone has proof read your work.

The content remains your own and by submitting it for publishing on BrumHour blog you give permission for edits to be made but if you then want to repost it on your own blog you are welcome to do so.

4. Write an “about the blogger/author” paragraph to go under the links.

The audience wants to know about you, your work and what is coming up.

5. Tell @BrumHour that it is ready.

When its ready tweet me at @brumhour or drop me an email at

Happy creating!

About BrumHour

I set up #BrumHour in December 2013 to create an online network for Birmingham’s businesses. Tweets from the BrumHour account on twitter are seen over 140,000 times per week.

While BrumHour is a chance for Birmingham Businesses to connect it is also a chance for those visiting Birmingham to discover more about the city.