Because I’m a Happy Cat

Blog post by Ally & Damian from Happy Cats Café

Happy Cats
Happy Cats

“We are Ally and Damian, and we are opening Birmingham’s first Cat Café.

Cat cafés originated in Japan, where residents found it difficult to own pets due to landlord restrictions and long working hours; they just didn’t have time to dedicate to owning a pet.

You pay a small fee to spend time with the cats, reap the benefits of spending time with cats, without the responsibility of owning one. It is also a great way to introduce people to the joys of cat ownership, and those who do wish to adopt a cat will be directed to Cramar Cat Rescue and Sanctuary.

Ally and I have both been cat lovers for many years, and have wanted to open a café for some time, so we thought why not combine the two, cats and coffee?

We are working very closely with Cramar Cat Rescue and Sanctuary who are choosing the right types of cats for the café, and to make sure we cater to all the cats needs.

We are crowdfunding this venture on the website Kickstarter. Currently pledges stand at £3200, and we hope to surpass our target of £10,000 by the end date of 7th March. We have viewed properties in Moseley, Kings Heath, and Birmingham City Centre, and are in negotiations with letting agents.

This is a very exciting time for us with lots of media attention. We have everything in place, we just need a hand with the remainder of the funding which is where you, the public, come in. Pledges are available ranging from £1 all the way up to £1000, but these are not donations, as you are getting something in return for your pledge.

Once funded, we will be opening up our doors to local community groups, e.g. people with learning disabilities, mental health issues, and elderly people from residential homes. We feel our cat café would also provide a space for creativity e.g. writing groups, yoga classes, and art groups.

There is much research that states being around cats can be beneficial to your well being, e.g. reducing anxiety, lowering blood pressure and lower stress levels.”

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Happy Cats Cafe

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